My fellow Arizonians, and to all who want good government everywhere, I bring you these words:

It has taken awhile, probably too long now, but I would like to run for Governor of Arizona.

After talking to the Democratic Party of Arizona they suggested I run as a Republican.
After talking to the Republican Party they hinted I should run as an Independent.
They both said that an unknown with NO political experience has absolutely no chance of winning a major nomination for their respective parties let alone the election.

Everyone who has been old enough to vote for the last 10-years knows that running as an Independent may be desirable but not practical.
Only one of the two major parties are ever going to hold an important office such as Governor of Arizona.
What does this say about our political system?

Both parties, Democrat and Republican, have all ready secretly hand picked their crony for the election, and there not going to let some voter like you and I get in the way.

The entire election process is corrupted.
The people no longer have any faith in career politicians, and why should they.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I know I need to get started ASAP.

I can do one thing if elected Governor, bring jobs to Arizona and put people to work.

Please share your thoughts with me.