Thinking of Moving to Arizona

Well don't.
Here are just some reasons that Arizona is not what people think it is:
1) ) - People who like grass, this is not your cup of tea. Grass as a general rule does not and will not grow in the Phoenix Valley of Arizona. It's to damn hot and it burns the grass. Lots of people have it here and spend a fortune to maintain it. Stupid people that is. Plant rocks and stone, they work!
2) ) - Plants that look pretty here are mostly desert weeds, they call them plants. For the most part many of them are poisonous to both people and pets.
3) ) - Because of the exploding population growth most of Arizona, especially the Phoenix Valley is now like Southern California, a smog blanket of dirt and pollution with constant health watches for air quality.
4) ) - The dumbest Realtors, Doctors, Dentist, Bankers, Investment Brokers, Lawyers, Builders/Developers, and Contractors can be found here. It is said that if you cannot get a license anywhere in the USA, come to Arizona, we license anyone.
5) ) - We lead the nation or are in the top five for the following:
a/ Identity Theft
b/ Stolen Vehicles
c/ High Sales Tax
d/ Illegals, they are everywhere
e/ Foreclosures
f/ Home Invasions
g/ Car-jackings
h/ High Insurance Rates
i/ Poor Government Work Ethic
j/ Land Scams
k/ Gangs
l/ Meth Labs and illegal drugs (we border Mexico)
m/ People driving with no insurance
n/ Contractor Scams
0/ Traffic Congestion
p/ Low Wages