More About Arizona:

When you think things can't get anymore stupid, they do.
I went to get a pair of prescription glasses. This is the same place I had my original glasses made, which weren't cheap.
I was informed since it was more than one year, by Arizona law, I couldn't get a new pair of glasses.
I didn't need a new prescription my glasses work fine. In fact all I wanted was an upgrade to my standard glasses with the same frame. Like scratch proof lens, change color according to the exterior or interior light, etc.
Still, the same bullshit story.
Then my husband intervenes and says, 'Ok, I will send a letter to our lawyer stating that you refused to issue a new pair of glasses and if my wife is in any kind of accident you will be held liable and responsible.'
Suddenly they have a whole new approach and I get my glasses.

We both just shook our heads as we walked out.
What the hell kind of political nightmare is this bull crap?
What moron legislates what we wear, what we eat, when we see a doctor, and if we don't comply to these silly ass rules, we are denied our rights!

This is a perfect example of runaway government where powerful lobbyist rule and the common person pays for it and takes it up the butt.

Yeah, and you want to move to Arizona.


In case you haven't been keeping up with current events:

Before reading this, keep in mind, I am woman myself.

Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Director

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano was confirmed Tuesday, January 20, 2009, by the U.S. Senate as Homeland Security Secretary in Barack Obama’s administration.
Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of The United States the same day.
Napolitano will leave the state post as Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer, another woman, is sworn in as governor today, Wednesday, at the Arizona State Capital.
Janet Napolitano is a Democrat.
Jan Brewer is a Republican.
Brewer inherits a tough job with the state facing huge deficits.
In fact from my last posting Arizona went from a 600 Million dollar debt to over One Billion Dollars. Somebody's been in the cookie jar.
Estimates say this could be a combined $4.5 billion budget deficit for the current and next fiscal years.

Think the Republicans are any better, well John McCain, we all know who he is, and the other idiot Republican Senator from Arizona John Kyl praised Janet Napolitano at the Senate confirmation hearings.

Janet Napolitano as Homeland Security Director:
Keep in mind Arizona has the worst Illegal immigration problem in country. This was worsened to heights while Napolitano was governor. In addition, while she was governor the drug and human smuggling business increased and got more violent. Add to this the gang problems on both sides of the border worsened, which she did nothing to stop.
Napolitano fully endorses the use of Photo Radar Cameras and other cameras for monitoring traffic, both vehicle and human.
Napolitano puts in some of the dumbest public servants and then backs them for state elected offices, an example is Elaine Richardson former Arizona Real Estate Commissioner and now a state senator.
Sixty Percent of all criminals in any state or local prison in Arizona are illegal.
So you think Obama surrounds himself by good people – you better think again.

Janet Napolitano as Governor of Arizona:
She created the fiasco of 600 million dollar boondoggle on giving tax incentives for green vehicles that were suppose to run on propane conversion but there were so many loopholes in the legislation it got used for everything by every con artist there were to wipe out any good and the state had to pick up the tab.
Her don't ask don't look don't tell policy on illegal immigration allowed millions of illegals into the USA. Many settled here in Arizona and engulfed our social services, welfare, and educational systems into bankruptcy. The new governor isn't any better. The Republicans swamped by big business lobbyist to not enforce any illegal alien enforcement because they wanted cheap labor has now bankrupt the state. We are California in every-way.
We have high pollution and smog and it's getting worse.
We have high property taxes and getting higher.
We have high auto and homeowner insurance rates and there going up.
We have a high sales tax and they want to increase that.
The police now concentrate on issuing tickets using Photo Radar and any other method to pay off the deficit.
Arizona is a right to work state and they have a public record of telling unions they are not welcomed here.
Social Services will have to be severely reduced according to the new Governor, Jan Brewer. Planned positions for fire, police, and emergency services have all ready been eliminated.
Arizona now has the highest mortgage foreclosure rate in the nation.
Not convinced, well our electric rates went up an average of 19% in one year fully endorsed by both the democrats and republicans.

Jan Brewer, Republican, the new Governor of Arizona

So do you still want to move to Arizona?

On a personal note:
My husband has suggested I run for politics. I am an Asian and they say Asians are coming into their own in politics, whatever the hell that means.
Does anyone think this is a good idea?
I have no experience but then neither does a fifth grader and anyone of them could do better than politicians from Arizona.