More About Arizona:

When you think things can't get anymore stupid, they do.
I went to get a pair of prescription glasses. This is the same place I had my original glasses made, which weren't cheap.
I was informed since it was more than one year, by Arizona law, I couldn't get a new pair of glasses.
I didn't need a new prescription my glasses work fine. In fact all I wanted was an upgrade to my standard glasses with the same frame. Like scratch proof lens, change color according to the exterior or interior light, etc.
Still, the same bullshit story.
Then my husband intervenes and says, 'Ok, I will send a letter to our lawyer stating that you refused to issue a new pair of glasses and if my wife is in any kind of accident you will be held liable and responsible.'
Suddenly they have a whole new approach and I get my glasses.

We both just shook our heads as we walked out.
What the hell kind of political nightmare is this bull crap?
What moron legislates what we wear, what we eat, when we see a doctor, and if we don't comply to these silly ass rules, we are denied our rights!

This is a perfect example of runaway government where powerful lobbyist rule and the common person pays for it and takes it up the butt.

Yeah, and you want to move to Arizona.


  1. As Roger Miller once penned "...dad-gum, dag-gummed guvament...."

  2. Someone in the distant, murky past bought a new pair of glasses without getting another eyesite test. He crashed into something, claimed that his glasses were to blame, and sued the optometrist. The optometrist's lawyer then lobbied the state legislature on behalf of public safety and now you are required to get a new eye exam before receiving new glasses.

    Sue! Sue! Sue!


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