More from the former Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano

This dip wad Liberal, as you probably know was appointed by President Obama as Homeland Security Director. She has no qualifications for that job other than she's a Liberal and kisses Obama's butt.
As governor of Arizona she couldn't stop the flow of Illegals into Arizona and made little effort to do so.
Now as Homeland Security Director her answer is add 50 new enforcement agents. That's like trying to empty the Pacific Ocean with a coffee cup.
In addition, this anti-American, Pro Illegal Immigration nitwit has insulted our America Troops by saying (paraphrased), 'Troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan should be put on a potential Domestic Terrorist Watch List, because they could become easy targets for right wing radical conservative elements.' If that's not Stalin and Communism I don't know what is!
I want to know why Congress has NOT called for her immediate resignation and if she refuses force Obama to fire her.
She has disgraced every American fighting man and woman.

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