Only in Arizona, probably not, but I live here...

The so-called brain trust here known as ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) loves to shut down major freeways on holiday weekends, like Easter, to pave roads. The problem is they usually shut them all down, leaving almost no major freeway accessible for use and forcing people onto the streets and side roads. What a bunch of freaking idiots!
Then everyone wants to know why the consumer isn't out spending money .... it's because they can't get anywhere you morons!
Oh, and here's the kicker to the taxpayer, ADOT workers get paid triple time cause it's a holiday.
And, the state wants too know why its in debt.

I am reasonably certain a monkey is the director of ADOT!


  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2009

    Wake up to more illegals compromising our secure way of life?

    Wake up to more taxes on the citizens in order to pay for the illegal children's educations?

    Wake up to welfare fraud exploding again?

    Wake up to spray paint on our fences?

    Wake up to non English speaking citizens?

    Wake up to billboards printed in Spanish?

    Wake up to having companies requiring translators for non English speaking people?

    Wake up to disease carrying illegals who cross the the border into our soveriegn nation?

    Wake up to gun shots from rival gang members?

    Wake up to your stupid ass proving a point which is not needed?

    Wake up to our beautiful deserts being trashed by the illegals?

    Wake up to the loiterers near businesses ruining their business?

    Wake up to we do not need them.

    Close to forty million people(Citizens) unemployed, amnesty is not in the distant future, nor will there ever be another one.

    Pack it up and go if you please.

    I know that I sound selfish, but the American citizens come first as always.

    What part of fixing your own damn country do you not understand?

    Oh! I forgot, you are not willing to fix your own country, you would rather destroy ours.

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