Photo Radar

If you're just moving to Arizona, or visiting, or maybe been away for awhile, welcome.
YES, welcome to Arizona's Photo Radar System, a convenient way to raise large sums of revenue by inept politicians who spend money faster than they take it in.

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  1. Photo Enforcement Zone

    I am so pissed off at the overly cautious drivers as they past through these photo zones. Last night going south on the 51 the driver in front of me (probably on a cell phone) slowed down to 48 in a 55 which won't trip the switch until you go over 65! These things are all about profit, not about safety. To me it wasn't safe to be crusing at 58 or 60 or so and then be quickly slowed to 48MPH on a highway. If you are scared of driving the speed limit, GET OFF THE HIGHWAY!

    Yes, run for office, reason, logic, and sense is desperately needed in government.


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